Chapter Membership


Membership is currently closed for the 2019-2020 school year. The Executive Board is currently improving and revising the registration process to make it easier to register your chapter. Information will be posted when available.


System Information

This system manages the individual students and advisors for the Texas Public Service Association. This is not registration for competition, merely the member management system. All students wishing to compete must be registered in the membership system.


  1. Each school may only have one chartered chapter.
  2. All advisors must be registered under the approved chapter number.


All Chapters are required to register regardless of previous registration.

New Chapter Request
  1. Navigate to the New Chapter Request page.
  2. School Name: Enter your complete school name with no abbreviations.
  3. Chapter Name: If your organization has a chapter name enter it in this field. If you do not, you may enter any appropriate abbreviations for your school name.
  4. School Address: Provide your schools physical mailing address. Please do not enter your district offices address.
  5. School Type: Schools must select Senior High to be approved.
  6. District: This is your region.
  7. Advisor Information: Enter one of your advisors as the primary advisor and provide their information. All secondary advisors will be added after acceptance.
Existing Chapter Login
  1. Navigate to the Login page.
  2. Log in with credentials included in welcome email.
  3. Add secondary advisors for your chapter.
  4. Add students who will be competing from your chapter.

This is not registration for competition. This is a required element for chapter membership. Any advisor/ student who is not entered in this system, will not appear for competition registration.